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Athletic activities involve body mechanics. An athlete relies on proper dynamics of body movement for optimal performance. Chiropractic care helps restore and maintain the proper dynamics of motion.

Chiropractic care can improve athletic performance by enhancing joint function. An athlete’s body is like a finely tuned machine: the more optimally its parts are moving together, the more efficient will be its performance. In athletic competition, where the difference between victor and defeat is measured in inches or split seconds, relative body mechanics can make the difference.

Regular chiropractic adjustments can further help the athlete by aiding in the prevention of injury. Strains, sprains, and other common athletic injuries are often caused by faculty joint mobility. A joint in which there is restricted movement will not only be more easily sprained, but will also place increased demands on other joints by forcing them to compensate, rendering them more susceptible to injury as well. A regular program of chiropractic treatments can reduce the likelihood of injury by keeping the joint mobile.

The U.S. Olympic team has been including chiropractors on the medical staff since 1980. Numerous athletic careers have been helped by chiropractic care. More often, however promising careers are impaired or cut short by disabling back ailments for which chiropractic care is never sought. Every serious athlete, whether a sufferer of such problems or not, should seek the benefit of chiropractic treatment for the relief and/or prevention of such debilitating problems as well as for maximizing performance.chiropratic

By: Dr. Iris Williams, Chiropractor, Certified Sports Physician.



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