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corpwellWhy a Corporate Wellness program?

Remember, your Health comes first!

With the heavy demands that society places on the typical employee, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to provide programs that promote stress management and physical wellness.

Due to our commitment to helping your employees get the most out of life, Hollywood Gym® & Fitness Center has become a Health & Wellness leader in California with the club that offers every level of health & wellness services to your Company and Employees.

Why Hollywood Gym® & Fitness?

More than just a name!

Inside Hollywood Gym® & Fitness is a state of the art facility with services and a hoist of advanced equipment, classes, and sports facilities that cater to every level of physical fitness. From beginner to professional athlete , we offer instruction and training by certified professionals that take our members on a step-by-step program that meets their individual goals & satisfaction.

Most of the space in our 30,000 square foot fitness center is devoted to our Cardiovascular equipment, Strength Training equipment and Free Weight rooms. We have the advanced equipment available. Our lines include Precor, Life Fitness, Cybex, Hammer Strength, Icarian and others. We have certified personal trainers and professionally licensed coaches available for your individual instruction.

The management team at our facilities know that their job is to help others attain the rewards of physical fitness. Satisfaction comes from the progress each member makes toward improving their physical fitness & health wellness.


  • We offer many affordable programs and services to accommodate your businesses or companies needs. And we’re flexible. We offer a variety of payment plans in which your company can choose to pay all or part of the employee’s costs. On site enrollment services available.
  • Hollywood Gym® cares about our members well being. That is why all new company wellness members will be recommended & eligible to take advantage of our free health evaluation with an on staff Sports Physician. Every member will also receive a free fitness & nutritional consultation.
  • In fact, in a study of the nation’s 1,500 largest corporations, the Health Research Institute discovered that companies with employee fitness plans cut their total annual health care costs by 27%! Think of what that kind of saving could mean to your company.

That’s where Hollywood Gym® & Fitness comes in. We have what your company needs to get employees on track and feeling healthy, vibrant, alert, and enthusiastic. But more to the point, a company sponsored health and exercise program delivers real bottom line results. Time after time, when a company shows that it’s committed to wellness, it’s employees respond with amazing enthusiasm and performance.

  • When you include the spas, saunas, Fitness Testing and Nutrition Center, you’ll see that Hollywood Gym & Fitness Center is an organization you will always be proud to associate with that meets its goals and obligations as a World Class Fitness Center.
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Hollywood Gym® is a full service facility with free secured parking & many other Amenities & Services.   Our facility is available to you 24 Hours everyday of the year!

We have other corporate wellness plans & options available to suit your business’s or company’s  specific needs.


For additional information or questions, you may contact us at Hollywood Gym® (323) 845-1420


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