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Group Exercise

                              Class Descriptions  




A class that strictly focused on increasing flexibility and strengthening the abdominal area. 30 Minutes Abs is a class consumed with abdominal work only to help further your quest for that washboard midsection.


A great calorie burning aerobic class, perfect for the beginner.


This class uses a variety of moves including step and resistance training to work you form limb to limb. Easy to follow. Definitely a challenge.


A great workout that will bring a rise to your heart rate and, over time, a lowering of your body fat. Funky Fat Burner is the same great aerobic workout with a little funk added.


Pilates conditioning is a contemporary, complete and professional approach to the exercise system pioneered by Joseph H. Pilates. With a particular emphasis on core stabilization, this anatomically based mind/body system promises optimal strength, flexibility, coordination, breathing control and posture without the additional bulk related to some forms of fitness exercises. The Pilates exercises are performed on either a mats in our exercise classes or specially designed Pilates equipment such as, the Hollywood Gym Professional Pilates Reformer. The total workout system is also available for private training by our professional certified staff.


This workout combines cardiovascular conditioning and muscular strengthening while on the incredible Schwinn spinning cycle. You’ll find yourself spinning through many hills and valleys to destinations of glorious sweat!


This ancient form of exercise reduces stress, increases flexibility and improves circulation.

Group Exercise Schedule

Note: Reservations are recommended for spinning classes as there are limited number of bikes.


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