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Mailbox Rates


Months          Cost Per Period         Security Deposit       Set-up Fee           Total Start-up



16x6x5 (Size)

3                 $54   ($18/month)                   $18                            $15                                $87

6                $102  ($17/month)                   $18                            $15                                $135

12              $192  ($16/month)                   $18                            $15                                $225



16x6x5 (Size)

3                $81    ($27/month)                    $27                            $15                                $123

6               $150  ($25/month)                    $27                            $15                                $192

12             $288  ($24/month)                    $27                            $15                                $330


Corporate Business-Reply

16x13x5 (Size)

3               $120  ($40/month)                    $40                             $15                                $175

6               $234  ($39/month)                    $40                             $15                                $289

12             $456  ($38/month)                     $40                             $15                                $511


Your new mailbox address is: 1551 N. La Brea Ave., #PMB_________ Hollywood, CA 90028-7003

Mailbox Services 24-Hour Access: As our valued cutomer, you have access to your mail 24 hours everyday.

Prestigious Street Address: You may use our prestigous Hollywood commercial street address.

Mail Forwarding: When you travel out of town, we can provide a mail forwarding service. Just leave us your address and a deposit for shipping and handling.

Mail Check: You can save yourself time by simply calling to find out if there is mail for you to avoid an unnecessary trip.

Notary Public: There is a Notary Public available by appointment to notorize legal documents.

Fax Service: As our mailbox customer, you may use our fax number to receive faxes anytime. Leave a small deposit and we can even put the fax in your mailbox. Local $1.00 per page US Long Distance $2.00 1st page $1.25 each additional page International $3.00 per page Incoming Faxes $1.00 per page.

Postal Service: You may purchase stamps at our mail center 24 hours a day Black & White Copies 0-10 Pages Letter Size 7 cents each Legal Size 10 cents each.

NOTE: Additional charges apply for more than one name per mailbox. Additional/replacement keys $5.00 each. Please see Mailbox Service Agreement. ID required to set up an account.



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